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The dangers and emergency protection of sodium chlorite

The dangers and emergency protection of sodium chlorite

1. Danger

Sodium chlorite is a strong oxidant that can cause methemoglobinemia, hemolysis, and renal failure; when in contact with acid, it will emit extremely irritating and corrosive gases, and its solution will strongly irritate the skin and organs; Mixed with organic matter and flammable substances, it may form an explosive mixture. Rapid heating may cause an explosion.

2. Emergency leakage treatment

Isolate the leaked contaminated area and restrict access. It is recommended that emergency responders wear self-contained breathing apparatus and general work clothes. Do not come into direct contact with the leaked material, and do not allow the leaked material to come into contact with organic matter, reducing agents, or flammable substances.

Small leakage: avoid dust and use a clean shovel to collect in a dry, clean, covered container.

Large leakage: Collect and recycle or transport to waste disposal site for disposal.

3. Protective measures

Respiratory system protection: It is recommended to wear a self-priming filter dust mask when you may be exposed to its dust;

Eye protection: Wear chemical safety glasses;

Body protection: wear polyethylene protective clothing;

Hand protection: Wear rubber gloves.

Others: Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited at the work site. After work, shower and change clothes, and maintain good hygiene habits.




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