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About Us

Henan Sinowin Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003, 18 years dedicated to sports, outdoor products research and development, production. Up to now, it has become a well-known supplier in the outdoor sports industry, and has established a good and stable cooperative relationship with more than 200 brands in more than 40 countries around the world. Its products cover Mountain Bike,Camping Mat,Floating Hammock/row,Foldable Chair,Skate Board,Surfing Board,Tent/Camping tent,Wicker Patio Chair,fishing rod & lure, and Disinfectant TCCA/SDIC etc.

The company attaches great importance to research and development, design from beginning to end, with more than 100 patents at home and abroad, providing strong technical support for the rapid development of the company. The company has been constantly improving its management ability, and has obtained ISO9001 quality, ISO14001 environment, OHSAS occupational health and safety management system certification and BSCI, striving to meet the higher needs of customers. And has been awarded the national high-tech enterprise, Henan province export brand, Henan Province brand, provincial high-tech enterprise RESEARCH and development center, Henan Province AAA grade contract and credit enterprise honor and other titles.


Our vision is to be the BEST outdoors manufacture in all over the world.

Our mission is to provide FUN FOR ALL through strong assortments, value, and experience.




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