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  • 2022/09/30
    National Day is coming, May our motherland be prosperous and healthy for all. And we also can normal comunicate for order during the holiday, so if any inquiry for TCCA, SDIC, MSG, Calcium Hypochlorite, pls feel free to contact us.
  • 2022/09/22
    caustic soda is an important daily chemical raw material. It can be used in many fields. Applications of Caustic Soda: 1.Manufacture of soap 2. Refining petroleum products, 3. Detergent, washing powder, 4. Sanitation, 5. Textiles and paper, 6. Hygiene products, 7. Water softening and treatment, 8. Food and drug industry etc.
  • 2022/09/14
    1.Chemical Name: ferrous sulfate 2.Molecular Formula : FeSO4·7H2O, FeSO4·nH2O 3.Molecular Weight: 278.02(Heptahytrate) 4.Character:Pale,blue-green crystals or granules that are efflorescent in dry air.In moist air,it oxidizes readily to form a brown-yellow,basic ferric sulfate. It's soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol. 5.Usage: It is used as nutrient, fruit and vegetable chromogenic reagen
  • 2022/09/09
    The roundest moon can be seen in the autumn. It is time for reunions. I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Day and a wonderful life.
  • 2022/09/07
    Our factory have 3 ISO certification production site, meanwhile, There are 10 sets of TCCA & SDIC production line and 2 sets inspection equipment, can reach 120000 ton capacity for per year. If have any needs for TCCA, SDIC, Calcium Hypochlorite, pls feel free to contact us.
  • 2022/08/31
    Multifunction tablet have 5 functions as below: 1.Disinfectants Chlorine 2.Anti-Algae 3.PH Buffer 4.Flocculant Clarifier Stabilizer 5.Conditioner
  • 2022/08/26
    Nice to update delivery news to our Colombia customer. The 2 container TCCA 200g Tablet packed in 50 kg plastic drum had finished delivery already.The customer is a big wholesaler in local which consumes about 100 tons each month. And Trichloroisocyanuric Acid(TCCA) is a disinfectant, algicide and bactericide mainly for swimming pools and dyestuffs, and also widely used in animal husbandry and
  • 2022/08/19
    TCCA is used to disinfect the discharge, sterilizing the separated clean water and aiding proper recycling for renewed use.
  • 2022/08/12
    Nice to update delivery news to our Uzbekistan customer. The 3 container sodium hydrosulphite packed in 50 kg iron drum had finished delivery already.The customer is a big textile factory in local which consumes about 100tons each
  • 2022/08/10
    The company plans to move to a new factory next month. At present, there are still 500 tons of monosodium glutamate in stock in the warehouse. The company has decided to discount and promote 500 tons of monosodium glutamate, if have purchase plan for monosodium glutamate, pls contact us for more discount details.
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