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The application of Monoethanolamine MEA

                                            The application of Monoethanolamine (MEA)


Monoethanolamine (MEA) is an organic compound with colorless liquid. It is used to remove acid gas in natural gas and petroleum gas, and manufacture non -ionic detergents, emulsifiers, etc.

Application field:

1. Purification: Absorb carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from the gas.

2. Gas chromatography fixed liquid is used to separate low -carbon alcohol, pyridine and derivatives.

3. Pharmaceuticals: synthetic bactericides, anti -diarrhea.

4. Printing and dyeing: Synthetic high -grade dye (13g of Cui Blue).

5. Textiles: used as fluorescent whitening agents, anti -static agents, anti -mothing agents, cleaning agents.

6. Rubber ink: used as neutral, plasticizer, vulcanizer, promoter and foaming agent.

7. Others: also used for surface active agents, oil additives, preservatives, ink manufacturing, organic synthetic raw materials, can also be used for raw materials for metal cleaning agents and rust agents; Washing agents, emulsifiers, automotive antifreeze; raw materials for the production of ethyleine series products.









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