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HPMC Used As a Dispersant In Construction

Hpmc Used As a Dispersant In Construction


HPMC is used as a dispersant, thickener and adhesive in construction treatments and is mainly used in the molding of cement mortars and gypsum products. It is used in cement mortars to increase their cohesion, reduce flocculation, improve viscosity and shrinkage, and maintain moisture retention. Reduces water loss on the concrete surface, increases strength, and prevents the occurrence of cracks and efflorescence from water-soluble salts; HPMC is thixotropic and can prepare low-flow, one-time thick gypsum coatings on vertical walls; HPMC can improve adhesion, structure Properties suitable for preparing easy-flowing spray mortars for thin-layer coating.


The amount of HPMC used in building materials is very small, only 0.1%~1%, but it has a large effect and can be used as a plasticizer, tackifier, water-retaining agent, air-entraining agent and buffer for coatings, plasters, mortars, etc. Coagulant. Cement products. This agent is used to increase processability, water retention or adhesion to the substrate. Additionally, it needs to be environmentally friendly. When dry mortar is mixed, it avoids unstable performance, poor construction environment, and low flow efficiency caused by on-site mixing and surrounding environmental pollution. More than 107 adhesives were used in tile adhesives and interior and exterior wall putties. From an environmental perspective, it is more ideal to use cellulose ethers, such as HEC and HPMC.




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