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Production method of cosmetic zinc oxide

Cosmetic zinc oxide can meet certain usage requirements during use, but during the production process, it must strictly follow the operating regulations to achieve good results. Let's learn about the production methods of cosmetic zinc oxide.

In the production process of cosmetic zinc chloride, it is obtained by burning zinc carbonate, which is obtained by simmering and decomposing zinc hydroxide. Crude zinc oxide is smelted into zinc and then denatured with high-temperature air. It is obtained by the oxidation of molten zinc. There are indirect method using zinc ingot as raw material, direct method and mixed method using zinc ore as raw material. Using zinc carbonate as raw material, it is washed, dried, calcined and pulverized. Using zinc hydroxide as raw material, the product is obtained by washing, precipitating, drying, calcining, cooling and pulverizing.

The above is about the production method of zinc oxide for cosmetics. During the operation, it must be operated strictly in accordance with the regulations. If you have any questions, you can call us for consultation. We,HENAN SINOWIN CHEMICAL are professional manufacturers and will give you reasonable suggestions.

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