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What are the benefits of surfing?

The benefits of surfing are particularly numerous: you can exercise, restore energy, relieve stress, and bring confidence. Raising your head and turning your head on the board and water skiing with your arms are all very good for the neck, shoulders and waist. It can also exercise the muscles of the back, abdomen and waist, and can eliminate the fat and bid farewell to these parts. Excess fat, weight loss effect will definitely make you overjoyed. Sea water also has a massage effect on the body and can improve breathing, cardiovascular, nervous system and muscle functions. Surfing can also allow you to make a bunch of like-minded friends, and maybe even meet a love.


People who don’t surf generally think that the surfer’s lifestyle is very speechless. In order to surf, he gets salty, knotted hair and wrinkles on his face, and he is tanned and unscrupulous; some people even think that the ronin is soaking in the sea. God, the act of chasing the so-called perfect wave is very naive, it is a waste of time, because they have not fallen in love with the sea and waves enough.


For those who say that surfers are not enterprising and do nothing, in fact, I think surfing makes people smarter. What I'm talking about here is not the kind of cleverness in books, but how to achieve happiness. In life, surfing is more efficient than many things, such as getting a college degree and doing a big business. The life of surfing is a different happy life!





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